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Service Provider Installation

The official Shibboleth wiki provides these documents:

We also provide installation documentation aimed at NC State installations. These are step-by-step recipes tested in our environment.

Linux (RHEL/CentOS) Service Providers

Note about RHEL 7 (and CentOS 7) with the Native Service Provider: The SP software requires libcurl, and that libcurl must be compiled to use OpenSSL. Red Hat has rebuilt many packages on top of the Netscape Security Services stack (NSS) instead of OpenSSL, including libcurl. If you do a new install using the recommended version, you will install a custom libcurl library in /opt. The SP software is already compiled to use this library.

Other Linux Variants

From the RPMInstall page of the Shibboleth Wiki: "The Shibboleth project officially provides up-to-date RPMs for the supported Linux platforms."

You are welcome to use their packages instead of ours. We have simply rebuilt the source RPMs and tested them before deploying to our Vision4 repo. They provide a simple yum repo generator form that should work for:

The Shibboleth project does not provide packages for apt-get-based versions of Linux (like Ubuntu and Debian). However, the SWITCH group offers some help with other platforms, including Windows and MacOS as well.

Next step

After you have installed your Service Provider software, the next step is Configuration.