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Most Commonly Requested IdP Data

When onboarding a new SAML service provider, they will often ask for specific pieces of information about our IdP. These are the answers that you want for the most commonly requested data:

Note that this assumes they are not using InCommon federation. If they are, they should be getting our metadata from the federation, and they should use our InCommon IDP EntityID which is:

NCSU Shibboleth Federation Files

NCSU Federation Metadata

IdP Metadata Files

Each of these files contains the metadata for one of our IdPs. The production IdP provides a different metadata file for each federation where it is a member. InCommon uses a different entityID. UNC Identity Federation and NCSU Federation use the same entityID, but have slightly different descriptive information.

Production IdP Metadata

Development/Testing IdP Metadata

IdP Certificates

A few of our basic SAML clients cannot consume metadata files. Those clients are configured with a copy of our IdP signing certificate instead. Each of our IdPs uses its own certificate, listed below.

Production IdP Certificates

Development/Testing IdP Certificates

Test Service 1 = idpt1 / affilt1

Test Service 2 = idpt2 / affilt2

Metadata sources for other federations

These links are provided for reference, for those SPs that may need to join or connect to them. Right click and Copy Link Address on the links to get the URLs.

UNC Identity Federation - Covers the UNC-system of schools.

InCommon Federation - International federation for higher education.